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Table of Contents
Year : 2016  |  Volume : 3  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 195-197

Ethics in female reconstructive surgery

Hufnagel Bioethics Institute, California

Date of Web Publication6-Jul-2017

Correspondence Address:
V G Hufnagel
Hufnagel Bioethics Institute, California

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DOI: 10.5530/ami.2016.2.39

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Hufnagel V G. Ethics in female reconstructive surgery. Acta Med Int [serial online] 2016 [cited 2023 Feb 9];3:195-7. Available from: https://www.actamedicainternational.com/text.asp?2016/3/2/195/209789


Prof. S.K. Jain

Chief Editor

Acta Medica International

Dear Sir,

This is about my personal involvement that gives me exact knowledge and information. I was a previous member of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL). I presented papers at their meetings. I was the President of the Los Angeles JR American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), member of the American Medical Association (AMA) and many more organizations.

I had created FRS – Female Reconstructive Surgery based on the work of Viktor Bonney and needed new instruments for diagnosis and the operations I was creating. I could get no help at all. I had the highest usage of anti-adhesives in Los Angeles purchased for gynecological operations from J&J. I was labeled a nobody because I was female and not appointed to division. A female surgeon is not the model used to sell devices to other surgeons, the head of US Storz told me. He had long hair, wore glasses and a mustache. I was told to ask for help from surgeons I knew and then they would work on a program for developing the devices I needed. The GYN they suggested said it was insane to save the uterus of any woman over 30 for example and made me and my patient Priscilla Coolidge (sister of Rita) were attacked by the words this surgeon, he was attacking the saving of female organs. She had just save her organs with FRS. This was the surgeon Karl Storz wanted me to partner with. Both Karl Storz and J and J knew of the papers I presented at the AAGL. Also I was the first surgeon in California to remove a fibroid with a laparoscope from my studies with Kurt Semm. What resulted from that was saving the fertility of Nazhat Hester so she could have a child and having the Medical Establishment attack me and condemn me as a fraud. No one removed fibroids with a laparoscope so I had to be burned at the stake. I was female and I could not do such an operation. Even with the pathology report proving I removed the fibroid and the medical records confirm this, I was attacked. I was never paid for the operation because it was determined it could never be done.

I was told by the heads of development of devices that their companies where only focused on the development of the morcellator. They told me nothing else was needed for laparoscopy. That my work was useless because no laparotomy operations would be needed in the future. That the morcellator would remove everything from the pelvis.

I needed instruments for tissue to diagnosis without spread of disease for sarcoma, fibroids, endometriosis and adenomyosis. I had to modify instruments that existed in areas outside gynecology. I was able to diagnosis disease before a major operation.

I saw the insanity of the selling of the morecllator. I referred an over 50 year old female with an ovarian cyst to a gynecological oncologist. He told her she was at risk for ovarian cancer because of her age. He told her the sales pitch of the device company:

  1. No scar on your belly
  2. No complications
  3. In and out operation you go home the same day.
  4. Little post operative pain
  5. Rapid healing and back to normal function in a matter of days.

He told her this morcellation was a revolutionary advancement and she would be one of the first to be operated on with the MIRACLE MORCELLATOR. This was during the studies time and the device was not released for sales as yet. I had given the woman a reading assignment on ovarian masses. After her operation she was very ill and came back to see me. The gynecology oncologist told her all of her problems after the operation were in her head.

She cried and told me she never read the material because the oncologist was well respected and it was Cedars Sinai Medical Center which the public considers one of the best hospitals in the country. She was never told any negatives of the operation at all. She had my 30 page consent but never read it. The oncologist told her I was overly protective of my patients. He told her the entire operation would last about 10 minutes it was simple and all the stuff I was concerned about would never be an issue. He said I was an extremist and not to worry he had operated on thousands of women.

I heard how the operation was sold to her. She was told that the ovaries had to be removed. And she could get cancer in the other ovary so it needed to be removed to save her life. He never gave her the operative or pathology report. Now she was in pain all of the time and had all of the complications of castration. She never needed her ovaries removed this was simply an opportunity for the surgeon to get to use the new toy the morcellator. I suspect many surgeons were overly excited to use this new surgical toy. As a result of this they over sold morcellation to learn how to use it.

Ann had endometriosis on one ovary. The cyst could have been removed. However removing with the morcellator spread the endometriosis, created severe adhesions in the pelvic area so her organs were all twisted and bound down. So she needed an operation to repair these findings. She needed hormones for her life time that she would not get because of the current ignorance in the field of medicine. Sale is the first and only concept that reigns in women's health care.

The doctors sell the operations, the device companies sell the operations and devices and the stock. Anyone with a basic knowledge of gynecology KNOWS there is NO “UNEXPECTED TUMOR”. Today in an attempt to cover up the malice, intentional fraud, and mayhem by these corporations who have acted with full knowledge of the frauds, abuses and murderous acts they have perpetrated on women of the world. They have created the concept of “Unexpected Tumor” as a marketing tool to try and take away the full knowledge that all have had. No one has absolution for their actions in these crimes. They have all studied oncology and all know that any mass maybe cancer. Again, any mass represents a potential cancer. That no mass is clear of cancer until the pathologist has full reviewed the tissue which takes about 3 days currently. What I am saying here is the STANDARD OF CARE around the globe. There was no mistake and all involved know the rules of oncology. They all broke these rules for profit and have placed the lives of women in danger. EVERY MASS IN THE HUMAN BODY is a potential cancer or a disease that can be spread. This is all basic and everyone involved in creating and using the morecllator is guilty of gross malpractice and gross negligence. I suspect many can be found guilty of manslaughter and murder. Yet, all of these years the cover up for these crimes has continued. Things have not been corrected. Thus, I am taking this action to have government to enforce because the device is very flawed. Investors have been lied to and a full and complete investigation needs to take place and action against these corporations for cheating investor and cheating women of their right to truthful and full informed consent. Why has no one filed complaints on this extreme abuses since 1993? 18 years of medical abuses without proper oversight needs to be part of the investigation I am asking for.

I am also asking the government for a National department on Ethics and Oversight. We need the Dept. of Education to insure we have Ethics taught in USA schools at all levels.

At this time those who relied on the stories of the corporations need to bring legal action against these companies. Those who supported these stocks I ask to realize they unknowingly contributed to the mayhem and death and that the corporations and surgeons created. Think of all the husbands who lost the their wives and the children who lost their mothers because of the blindness of greed and the intentional lack of truth. By this time in my career, I had already created 20 new operations to prevent hysterectomy. I was the first surgeon in California to remove a fibroid with a laparoscope. As an international center I saw I more fibroid sarcomas than were seen in the life time of a normal gynecological surgeon. The chopping up of a sarcoma will kill the patient. Chopping of a fibroid will seed more fibroids. And on and on for infections, endometriosis and adenomyosis spreading.

Any reasonable surgeon of gynecology should know this basic information and know that the morcellation device is flawed and would spread disease and kill women. However, Storz and J and J pushed only for sales of the device and the scheduling of operations using the device. They have used fear and ignorance of women to prey upon them. There was NO concern whatsoever as to the outcome for the women patients. The fact that I have to write this document and bring this to enforcement reflects the failure of our current systems that are in place.

Enforcement with the FDA, SEC, FTC should of prevented these events from taking place and continuing. It is clear we need the creation of ethics oversite in government and reestablishment of ethical conduct in humans. We reap what we sow. If we do not teach and enforce ethics we will not have ethics in our society.

Be of valor and bring this issue to justice.


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