Acta Medica International, Vol 3, Issue 1, Jan-Jun, 2016

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Contents from Vol 3, Issue 1, Jan-Jun, 2016

Guest Editorial

De la Calle M

Twin Gestation in Spain: Is it a New Epidemy?

De la Calle M

Veronica Monet

Female Ejaculation - Myth or Fact?

Veronica Monet

Jelena Karanović

Inositol – A Natural Treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Jelena Karanović; Aleksandar Raković

Franco Lisi

Pretreatment with Myo-Inositol in Patients Undergoing Gonadotropins Multiple Follicular Stimulation for IVF

Franco Lisi

I am the Best-Am I?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain; Nidhi Sharma; Rohin Garg
Original Article

Flowchart of the study

Effectiveness of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Antagonists in the Management of Multifollicular Recruitment in Intrauterine Insemination Cycles

Marita Espejo-Catena; Irene Baño; Josefa Puertos

Negative immunohistochemical staining of OCT4 stem cell

Autologous Stem Cells Therapy, The First Baby of Idiopathic Premature Ovarian Failure

M. Edessy; Hala N. Hosni; Y. Shady; Y. Waf; S. Bakr; M. Kamel

Francesco Padula

Does the ESHRE/ESGE Classification of Mullerian Anomalies Correlate with the Occurrence Of Pregnancy? A Comparison between Two Definitions of Myometrial Thickness

Francesco Padula; Maurizio Giorlandino; Stella Capriglione; Maria Cristina Teodoro; Assunta Lippa; Salvatrice Elisa Minutolo; Alessandro Lena; Alessandro Lanteri; Pierpaolo Brutti; Laura D’Emidio; Lucia Mangiafico; Pietro Cignini; Claudio Giorlandino

Fertilized oocyte (2 PN)

The Difference in the Outcomes between Surgically Retrieved and Ejaculated Spermatozoa for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Cycles in Sulaimanyah Province

Ismaeel H.A. Aghaways; Kani Muhmmed Falah; Aveen Anwer Ali

Kaplan-Meier graphs

A Study of Patients Treated for Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Vulva in the Regional Cancer Centre in Cardiff, UK

Florian Drews; Kenneth C.K. Lim; Robert E.J. Howells

Érika Vieira de Souza Jordãol

Outcomes of GnRH Agonist and GnRH Antagonist Regimens for IVF in Women Aged up to 40

Érika Vieira de Jordão; Hitomi Miura Nakagawa; Flavielly Souza Estrela; Raiene Barbosa de Morais; David Barreira Gomes-Sobrinho; Bruno Ramalho de Carvalho

Birth outcomes of expecting females who had complications during pregnancy

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis in Pregnant Females Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India and its Effect on Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality

Meenakshi Singh; Rajesh Ranjan; Yasodhara Pradeep; Sabuhi Quereshi; Meenakshi Sahu

Distribution of study subjects according to Age at marriage

Utilisation of Maternal Health Services and its Predictors in Slum Population

Singh Sadhna; Jain Kajal; Roy Debabratta; Kishore S; Gupta S. K; Kandpal S. D

Custom made double concentric corneal markers

Combined Corneal Collagen Cross-linking and Mini Asymmetric Radial Keratotomy for the Treatment of Keratoconus

Marco Abbondanza; Barmak Abdolrahimzadeh; Margherita Guidobaldi

AmniQuick Duo+ test results

Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1/ alpha-fetoprotein versus Placental alpha microglobulin-1 for diagnosis of premature fetal membranes rupture

Ibrahim A. Abdelazim; Mohammed M. Al-Sherbeeny; Mohamed E.M. Ibrahim; Ahmed A. Fahmy; Noha H. Rabei; Amr A.Aziz Khalifa

Nupur Gupta

Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation in Women with Previous Pelvic or Abdominal Surgery

Nupur Gupta; Dr Jai Bhagwa Sharma

Mohamed M. Farghali

Relation between Uterine Natural Killer Cells and Unexplained Recurrent Miscarriage

Mohamed M. Farghali; Abdel-Latif G. El-kholy; Khaled H. Swidan; Ibrahim A. Abdelazim; Ahmed R. Rashed; Ezzat El-Sobky; Mostafa F. Goma

Manisha Naithani

Study of Relation between Serum Iron and Copper Levels in Pregnant Females of Uttarakhand, India

Manisha Naithani; Jyoti Bharadwaj; Aparna Garg

Mona Porjorat

A Comparative Study of Early Maladaptive Schemas in Women with Marital Infidelity Experience and those Who Didn’t Have Such an Experience

Mona Porjorat

Three-dimensional endometrial volume estimation, using the three distance method

Role of Three-Dimensional Ultrasound and Three-Dimensional Doppler in Imaging of Endometrium for Diagnosis of Bleeding in Women with Post-Menopausal Bleeding

Ahmed Samy El-agwany; Samia Mostafa Abd-Rabbo; Hanan Atef Ahmed Ghali

PCR Hybridization strip

Molecular Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex from Clinical Sputum Samples in Patients Attending Tertiary Care Centre in Uttar Pradesh Province of India

Surpati Kharibam; Umar Farooq; Sana Nudrat


Fibromyalgia: Comorbidity or a Psychosomatic Symptom of Depression Leading to the Abuse of Opioids?

Francisco J. Diaz; Chantel Njiwaji; LokMan Sung

Reza Mohammadzadeh

Association of VDR FokI and ApaI Genetic Polymorphisms with Parkinson’s Disease Risk in South Western Iranian Population

Reza Mohammadzadeh; Reza Pazhouhesh

Schematic image demonstration of successful storage of ADSCs in liquid nitrogen tank

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells: An Optimized Protocol for Isolation and Proliferation

Mahdieh Ghiasi; Reza Tabatabaei Qomi; Naser Kalhor; Mohsen Sheykhhasan

Gopala Sarma Poduri

Analysis of Psychotropic Drug Sales in India

Gopala Sarma Poduri

Maitrik J. Mehta

5 Years Local Recurrencce Rates Following Post- Operative 2D Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Patients – An Institutional Experience

Maitrik J. Mehta; Dhal Shikha; Suryanarayan U

Pradeep Kumar

Association between Interleukin-6 (-174 G/C and -572 C/G) Promoter Gene Polymorphisms and Risk of Intracerebral Hemorrhage in North Indian Population: A Case Control Study

Pradeep Kumar; Amit Kumar; Ram Sagar; Shubham Misra; Mohammad Farooq; Varun Suroliya; Subiah Vivekanandhan; Achal Kumar Srivastava; Kameshwar Prasad

PKH26-labelled injected stem cells showing the engraftment in heart tissue.

Comparative Study between the Attenuation of Cardiac Fibrosis by Mesenchymal Stem Cells versus Colchicine

El Gammal Z. H; Rashed L. A; Abdel Aziz M. T; Ahmed H.M. Elwahy; Youakim M. F; AlaaEddeen M. Seufi

Healicoll incorporated into deeper structures

Healicoll: An Alternate to Flap Cover for Bare Bones and Tendons

Prema Dhanraj; Naveen N; Ramesh Babu K; Mahesh M.S; Hanumanthaiah K.S

Histopathology examination

Histopathological Evaluation of Patients with Mycosis Fungoides before and after Phototherapy

Amir-Hoshang Ehsani; Azita Nikoo; Hassan Seirafi; Mohammad Khiabani; Abbas Karimi; Alireza Ghanadan

Georgia Gioula

The Burden of Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Human Metapneumovirus in Infants and Young Children in N. Greece, 2004-2013

Georgia Gioula; Angeliki Melidou; Maria Exindari; Petros Papalexis; Dimitrios Xanthis; Nikolaos Malisiovas

Miceophotograph of Papanicolaou stain

The Association of Relative Risk of High Risk HPV with Cervical Abnormalities in Bahrain

Khalid Ahmad Al-Sindi; Mulazim Hussain Bukhari; Ebtisam N. Buali; Suhail I. Baithun; Duaa A. Abduljabbar; Mohamed A. Alhamar; Mandeep Bedi

Post Transplant C4d deposition in CDC cross

Prevalence of Erythrocytopenia & Thrombocytopenia in Eastern Indian Population & its Correlation with Acute Antibody Mediated Renal Transplant Rejection & Cytomegaloviral Nephropathy

Shilpa Chatterjee; Dilip Kumar Pahari; Sudip Roy
Review Article

Veronica Bianchi

Modern Trends: The Cryopreservation of Human Oocytes

Veronica Bianchi; Gabriella Zito; Poli Renzo E; Furlan Valentina; Panayiotis M. Zavos


Fallopian Tubes: Keep or Remove?


Insights into Reproductive Psychiatry: A Literature Review

Hena Jawaid; Waliyah Mughis
Systematic Review

Rawan Aldahash

Physical Therapy Program Improves the Physiological Impact Towards Better Quality of Life and Low Cardiac Risk Factors in Patients Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. Systematic Review

Rawan Aldahash; Hussain Al Dera

Hasan Tariq

Effect of Balance Exercises for Person with Multiple Sclerosis using Wii® Game: A Systematic Review of Randomized and Non-Randomized Control Trials

Hasan Tariq
Case Report

Localization of bilateral and unilateral symptoms in first clinical examination

Nonspecific Low Back Pain (LBP) Can Occult a Serious Pathology: Case Report of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in a Young Patient

Maselli Filippo; Pennella Denis; Cataldi Fabio; Albertoni Bruno Davide; Ciuro Aldo

Brain CT scan and MR finding

Cerebral Hydatid Cyst: A Case Report

Shukla Vikas; Shukla Preety; Pandey Sanjeev

Lesser curvature fundal gastric ulcer

Signet-ring Gastric Carcinoma, at Bahrain

Amal Almahroos; Khalid A. Al-Sindi; Mandeep Bedi; Maitham Alsadadi; Mohamed A. Alhamar; Mulazim Hussain Bukhari

A. K. Simalti

Case of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis

A. K. Simalti

Chest CT scan

Mediastinal Mass in a Patient with IgG4-Related Disease

Kesato Iguchi; Osamu Ishibashi; Norio Takayashiki; Hiroaki Satoh
Short Communication

Adeviye Elçi

Modern Trends in Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

Adeviye Elçi