Acta Medica International, Vol 2, Issue 2, Jul-Dec, 2015

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Contents from Vol 2, Issue 2, Jul-Dec, 2015

Guest Editorial

Prof. Dr. P. Zavos

Can Human Embryos Resulting from Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfers (SCNT) be Used to Treat Human Infertility? Future Implications in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

Triparna Sen

John N Giannios

Nanosurgery in Metastatic Breast Cancer as Postsurgical Adjuvant Treatment,Targeted Nanoimaging, and Immunotargeted Radiation Therapy Enhancement with Nanomedicine

John N. Giannios

Morcellation Controversies

Morcellation Controversies

Morcellation Controversies

Sanjeev Kumar Jain

Why only Y-?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain; Nidhi Sharma; Rohin Garg
Original Article

Alleles frequencies

Study about Genetic Variability of SE33 Locus

A. Barbaro; M. Cassar; P. Cormaci; J. C. Grech

Overview of Taxane Metabolism and Mechanism of action

Association of CYP3A4*1B and CYP3A5*3 Genetic Polymorphisms with Lung Cancer and its Impact on Taxane Metabolism in Indian Population

Syed Subhani; Kaiser Jamil; Suresh Atilli

Analysis of polymorphism using PCR - RFLP technique

MTHFR Gene (C677t) Polymorphism in Ischemic Stroke, its Subtypes and Hemorrhagic Stroke in a South Indian Population

Satrupa Das; Sitara Roy; Subhash Kaul; Akka Jyothy; Anjana Munshi

Genotypic association of TPH2 rs7305115 with suicide attempt risk in Serbian patients with major psychiatric disorders

TPH2 Variant rs7305115 and its Interaction with Acute Stressful Life Events in Etiology of Suicide Attempt in Serbian Psychiatric Patients

Jelena Karanović; Maja Ivković; Maja Pantović; Goran Brajušković; Stanka Romac; Dušanka Savić Pavićević

Multiple sequence alignment of NKX 2.5 gene, control and sequence of Patient 158 for 5' UTR 145 bp

Two Novel Mutations in NKX 2.5 Gene Un‑translated Regions in Congenital Heart Diseases Patients from Pakistan

Afsheen Arif; Sitwat Zehra; Najma Patel; Abid Azhar

Gel picture of 2% agarose gel

Prognostic Significance of ACE and PAI-1 Genes Polymorphisms with Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Non-Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes

Sami Ullah Khan; Abdul Qayyum; Syed Sajjad Hussain

Gel electrophoresis of RT-PCR

HOXA9 Gene Expression and Cytogenetic Analysis in Egyptian Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Hashem Neanaa; Nahla A.M. Hamed; Ahmad Raafat; Iman Diab; Ahmed Abdel Rahman

Photomicrograph showing SCC grade

Histopathological and Immunohistochemistry Observations Based Bukhari Grading for Squamous cell carcinoma

Mulazim Hussain Bukhari; Kanwal Saba; Samina Qamar; Eyyaz Khalil; Shahida Niazi; Sardar Fakhar Imam

Single cell suspension after tissue mincing and digestion

Variation in Growth Pattern and Morphological Appearance of Primary Monolayer Cultures of Chondrocytes and Neural Cells Isolated from the Chick Embryo at Different Stages

Rupendra Shrestha; Asha Palat; Selvam Anbarasan; Solomon F.D. Paul

Locations of Novel polymorphismswithin TLR4 exon1 sequences

Novel Polymorphisms with in TLR4 Exon1 Sequences in Visceral Leishmaniasis and Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients

Hadeel Faisal Gad; Maowia M. Mukhtar

Lysis of S. aureus by E.coli

Cytoplasmic Expression, Optimization and Catalytic Activity Evaluation of Recombinant Mature Lysostaphin as an Anti-staphylococcal Therapeutic in Escherichia coli

Samaneh Naderi; Mohammad Yousef Alikhani; Jamshid Karimi; Nooshin Shabab; Nejad Mohamadi; Hossein Zarei Jaliani

Transduction of KHYG1 cells with IL2 and cell culture in limiting doses of IL2.

Generation of a Genetically Engineered Aggressive Nk-Cell Leukemia Cell Line with Stable IL2 Expression

Xiaozhou Hu; Wing C. Chan; Can Kűcűk

HbA1c results with varying concentration of HbF (5 – 40%) on G8 (Tosoh), Dimension EXL and DCA 2000 (Siemens Diagnostics) methods

Effect of Elevated levels of Hemoglobin F on HbA1c Measurements: Evaluation of Three HbA1c Assays

Khajuria A; Scheibe B

Clinical photograph of a pterygium lesion on the ocular surface

Evaluating the mRNA Expression Profile of APC in Pterygium

Maryam Najafi; Dor Mohammad Kordi‑Tamandani; Mohammad Arish

Detection of HPV and its Association with Different Known Risk Factors for Neoplastic Cervical Lesions

Kanwal Saba; Mulazim Hussain Bukhari; Eyyaz Khaleel; Sardar Fakhar Imam; Maidah Zainab; Abida Siddiqa; Ghayyor Ahmad; Ishtiaq Qadri; Muhammad Anwar

Inheritance pattern in Thalassemia

Genetic Counselling in Anaemia & Thalassemia

Jahnavi Hatti

Genotyping of VKORC1 1173. a) Agarose gel showing genomic DNA (lane 1) and molecular size marker of 1 kb (lane M). b) Agarose gel showing PCR product of size 361 bp (lane 2) and DNA Ladder molecular size marker of 50bp (lane M of b &c). c) Agarose gel showing Hinf1 digestion of PCR products. Lane 3 represents CT with 353bp and 310bp and Lane 4 represents CC with 353bp.

Prevalence of VKORC1 Polymorphism in Population of Hyderabad India

Amrita Rao; Gita Sharma; Livy Alex; R Tapadia
Review Article

Genetic and Clinical Aspects of Brugada Syndrome

Laila Anjuman Banu; Rifat Ara Najnin

Global Incidence of Tuberculosis. (Adapted from Reference 1). (a) shows the estimated global incidence of tuberculosis is 2013. Source: WHO report 2014, (b) shows estimated absolute numbers of TB cases and deaths (in millions per year), 1990-2013

WHO Recommended Tools to Improve Diagnosis of Active and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Shubhada Shenai

These are miniature chromosomal abnormalities which include duplication and deletion of DNA stretches.

Genetics in Psychiatry – Diagnostic Support or an Illness Classification!

Hena Jawaid; Syed Muhammad Ali

Material search criteria, (a) Beads on PubMed, (b) Beads on dbGap Navigator

Strategy Planning for Shortening the List of the Metabolic Syndrome Candidate Genes

MS Daneshpour

Narrative Review: Genetic Findings in Patients of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Aamir Abbas; Afshan Channa

Current Scenario on Genetic Basis of Infertility- A Review

Vishram Singh; Rohini Pakhiddey

Different methods of Gene delivery (Ref:

Gene Therapy: A Veracity or Myth!

Sanjoy Kumar Chakraborty; Mahmudul Haque; Laila Anjuman Banu

MSCs: Is This the Future Therapeutic for Cancer?

Andrea Kakouri
Case Report

Plasma cells in enriched bone marrow samples

Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization on Enriched CD138-Positive Cells in Plasma Cell Myeloma

Yu Shi; Charalambos Solomides; Gerald Gong; Zi-Xuan Wang; Guldeep Uppal; Vandi Ly; Stephen C. Peiper; Peter A. Herbut; Renu Bajaj

Partial G-banded karyotypes shows normal and abnormal ring chromosome 7

Molecular Cytogenetic Characterization of a Patient Diagnosed with Dimorphic Anemia Carrying De Novo Rare Ring Chromosome 7 along with T(7;9)

Saurabh Kumar Bhattacharya; Sumit Kumar; Jasbir Singh Bisht; Vandana Lal

Pedigree of subject family

Quantifying Environmental Risk Factors for Multiple Sclerosis in Discordant Monozygotic Twins: A Case Report

Mohammad Reza Jabalameli; Seyed Amir Bahreini; Fereshteh Ashtari; Hamid Zahednasab

CT scan showing portal vein thrombosis

Unusual Involvement of the Portal Vein in Polycythemia Vera-Genetic Perspective

Tabinda Hasan; Erwa El Makki

A photographic image of Fluorescence In-situ Hybridization showing BCR/ABL dual fusion signal pattern

A 3-way Rare Variant Ph Translocation t(7;9;22) in a patient with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Saira Shan; Muhammad Nadeem; Tabbassum Ara; Tahir Shamsi

GTG banded karyogram exhibiting 46,XY,+1,dic(1;15)(p11;p11),t(9;22) Figure 2: Partial Karyotype of dic(1;15).t(9;22) (q34;q11)

A Case of dic (1:15) (p11;p11) with t(9:22) (q34:q11) in B-ALL

Anitha Saminathan; ; Indhumathi Nagarathinam

MRI scan showing calcified nodules and subependymal tubers on T1 weighted images

Tuberous Sclerosis with Bipolar Disorder Mania: Genetic Perspective

Prerana Gupta; Jigar Haria
Short Communication

Thalassemia: Genetically Transmitted Blood Disorder

Kausar Rehman Khan
Letter to the Editor

Georgia Hurst

I Have Lynch Syndrome

Waheeda Nargis