Acta Medica International, Vol 2, Issue 1, Jan-Jun, 2015

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Contents from Vol 2, Issue 1, Jan-Jun, 2015

Guest Editorial

Veronica Monet

Shame and the Modern Woman: How Slut-Shaming Hurts You!

Veronica Monet

S. K. Jain

Genetic Leap: The Greatest Medical Fiction

S. K. Jain; Nidhi Sharma
Original Article

(a) Normal MII oocyte morphology (b) Abnormal MII oocyte with inclusion body (c) Abnormal MII oocyte with vacuoles (d) Abnormal MII oocyte with central granulation (e) Abnormal MII oocyte with large polar body and small polar body (f) Abnormal MII oocyte with dark zona pellucida and wide PVS (g) Abnormal MII oocyte with PVS debris (h) Fertilized oocyte with 2 PN (i) Day 3 embryo

A Correlative Study of Oocytes Morphology with Fertilization, Cleavage, Embryo Quality and Implantation Rates after Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Emad Ghanem Qassem; Kani Muhmmed Falah; Ismaeel H.A. Aghaways; Tan Azad Salih

Impact of clomiphene citrate (CC) on negative feedback loop

Clinical Practice Guidance for the Use Of Clomiphene Citrate in Male Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Michael A.S. Guth

Shows HPV type 16 in agarose gel. In well-5, 100 bp, DNA ladder is used as molecular weight marker. In well-4, band, represents positive control. Band in well-3 indicate, patient sample. Molecular weight of type 16 is 203 bp

Genotyping of High Risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Among Cervical Precancer and Cancer Patients

Nurun Nahar Borna; Shahina Tabassum; Munira Jahan; SaifUllah Munshi; Afzal Unnesa

Effect of FN treatment on the expression of FAK and p-FAK in MCF-7 cells: MCF-7 cells (300,000 cells/ml) were grown in SFCM in absence (C), in presence of 20 μg/ml FN coated for 30 mins (1), 1 hour (2) and 2 hours (3). The cells were collected; extracted and equal protein (100 μg) was subjected to western blot analysis with anti-FAK (upper panel) and anti-p-FAK (lower panel) antibody (1:1000 dilution for 1½ hrs at 37°C). β-tubulin was used as internal control and done in parallel to all the blots. The accompanying graphs represent the comparative densitometric/quantitative analysis of the band intensities using Image J Launcher (version Data are means±SEM of three experiments. (B) Determination of gene expression of MMP-2, FAK, TIMP-2 and MT1-MMP by Quantitative Real-Time RT-PCR: MCF-7 cells (300,000 cells/ml) were grown in absence (C) and in presence 20 μg/ml FN coated for 1 hour and 2 hours in SFCM. Total RNA was extracted from control and experimental MCF-7 cells (1×106 cells). 2 steps RT-PCR wa

Focal Adhesion Kinase Induces Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 by Involving α5β1-Mediated Signaling in Breast Cancer Cell, MCF-7

Triparna Sen; Kirat Kumar Ganguly; Jaydip Biswas; Amitava Chatterjee

Predominating symptoms among the subjects according to PANSS (n=78)

Positive and Negative Symptoms in Patients of Schizophrenia: A Cross Sectional Study

Atiqul H. Mazumder; Md. T. Alam; Hatsumi Yosh; Riitta-Liisa Kortesluoma; Mohammad S.I. Mullick; Md. W.A. Chowdhury

Intraoperative 3D US image acquisition on patient F (female) 39YO (years old) with Corpus Callosum Glioblastoma

Image Guided Neurosurgery by Using Neuronavigation Integrated with Intraoperative Three-Dimensional Ultrasound

Peciul A

Comparison between various studied groups as regards mean values of fetuin-A

Serum Fetuin A, hs-CRP and Homocysteine as Biochemical Markers of Cardiovascular Complications in Chronic Dialysis Patients

Perihan H.Tawfi k; Sawsan S. Hafez; Nermine H. Mahmoud; Hesham M.El Sayed

Distribution of respondents by WAZ

Household Food Insufficiency and Child Nutritional Status in Urban Slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sultan -Uz-Zaman; Nuhad Raisa Seoty; Masud Alam; Rashidul Haque; Nawzia Yasmin

A photomicrograph of a section of a renal cortex of a control male albino rat, showing normal structure of the glomerulus , proximal and distal convoluted tubules and Bowman’s space. (Hx. & E.; x 400)

The Structural and Functional Changes Indcuced By Lithium on The Renal Cortex of Growing Albino Rats: Ultrastructure and Laboratory Study

Joseph Naiem S. Aziz

A: Curved planar reformation. B: 3D reconstruction surface of axial images images from the origin of left subclavian a rtery to the orifi ce of the celiac trunk artery.

IABP ballooning in Chinese patients

Gonzalo Pullas Tapia; Xiahua Zhu; Pan Liang; Gang Su; Hai Liu; Shuiqi Li

Cystatin C: An Early Marker of Cardiac Complications in Diabetics

Kiran Bhat; Ashok K. Lal; Sohaib Ahmad; Monica Kakkar

Distribution of patients according to time of admission and month

Evaluation of Occupational Traumatic Injuries in Rural Sectors of Turkey

Fatih Ozan Kahveci; Ayse Semra Demi Akca; Ibrahim Etem Piskin

Patients’ demographic data

Oral Clonidine and Midazolam as Premedication in Pediatric Anesthesia- Efficacy and Outcome in Comparison with Oral Promethagine

Lt Colonel Ab Azad; ; Brig Gen Md Sai Islam

Calibration curve for creatinine

Comparison of Urinary Protein Creatinine Index (uPCI) and Dipsticks for the Prediction of Renal Dysfunction in Chronic Cigarette Smokers

Sangeeta Kapoor; Debojit Kumar Mehta; Sushil Yadav; Anjali Verma; Shipra Mathur

Medial (MSF) and lateral (LSF) Squatting facets on dorsum of neck of talus Figure

Modifications on Dorsum of Neck of Talus (Squatting Facets and Trochlear Extensions) in Indians

Rohin Garg; Sushila Shekhawat; Khushboo Mogra; Santosh Kumar

Distribution of cases according to age

Pattern of Obstetrical Emergencies and Fetal Outcomes in a Tertiary Care Center

Rehana Najam; Sarika Gupta; Hasnahana Chowdhury

Patient who always wore a cap to hide the vertex or crown area, (b) Improvement hair growth in Crown area after hair transplant

Evaluation of Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Hair Loss Patients and Benefit After Hair Transplant

Rajendrasingh Aka; Rajesh Rajput

Descriptive statistics

Marital Adjustment in Patients of Depression Under Going Treatment at an Outpatient Clinic of Tertiary Care Hospital

Afshan Channa; Aamir Abbas

Extrapolation of exponential smoothing of S. Rates

Time Series Analysis of Indian Suicides: Correlation with Human Development Index (HDI)

Gopala Sarma Poduri

The gas chromatogram of Liver, Spleen, Kidney having peak at Rt- 9.04gave mass fragmentation for cholest-5-en-ol good probability

Detection of Metabolites of Vecuronium Bromide in Visceral Samples Solves A Typical Death Mystery- (Toxicokinetics- Studies Using Gc-Ms Technique)

Rakhi Khanna; R. S. Sharma

Regulatory T Cells in Egyptian Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Hamed NA; El-Halawani N; Nafi e D; Swelem R; Araby AA

A proposed life cycle for Blastocystis cells

Establishment of Blastocystis hominis in-vitro Culture Using Fecal Samples from Infants in Slum Area of Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Priyanka Barua; Hamida Khanum; Rashidul Haque; Forida Najib; Mamun Kabir
Review Article

Surrogacy World’s Perspective – A Review

Ida Parisi

Normal ECG pattern in lead v1-v3

Brugada Syndrome: A Major Cause of Sudden Cardiac Death

Sanjoy Kumar Chakraborty; Mahmudul Haque; Laila Anjuman Banu

Oncofertility: Realizing a Couples’ Dream of Parenthood

; Kanika Gupta
Case Report

Syngo iFlow of the vertebrobasilar axis in the early arterial phase, showing a right SCA triplication.

Unilateral Triplication of Superior Cerebellar Artery Associated with Fetal Posterior Cerebral Artery: Case Report

Zenteno M; Moscote-Salazar LR; Alvis-Miranda HR; Rojas A; Lee A

Synovial sarcoma

Synovial Sarcoma Vulva: A Case Report

Huma Sheik

Radiograph image

Benign Solitary Schwannoma of Right Ulnar Nerve – A Case Report

Ajay Pant; ; Najmul Huda; M. Aslam

T2-weighted sagittal image of the crevice-thoracic spine

Acute Longitudinal Myelitis As The First Presentation in Child with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Concurrent with Positive Antiphospholipid Antibody

Al-Qassimi Amal; Al-Muhazee Mohammad

Postoperative lateral radiograph showing Occipito-thoracic fi xation and fusion using rods and screws

Occipito-thoracic Fusion in Incidental Dystropic Os Odontoideum in a patient suspected with Osteogenesis Imperfecta: A Case Report

Reyes Rechilda R. P; Tangente Ronald P; Soriano James A; Lagapa Euvin Paul G
Short Communication

Sexology. “So What is it that you Actually do?”

Laura Anne Milos B.S
Letter to Editor

Induction of Fetal Lung Maturity with Corticosteroids: Which Evidence to Guide Clinical Practice?

Antonio Simone Laganà; Irene Condemi; Vincenza Sofo; Francesca Maria Salmeri; Onofrio Triolo