Recidivism – Is there any Genetic Basis?

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Acta Medica International,2016,1,2,56.
Published:Jul 2014

Recidivism – Is there any Genetic Basis?

Prof. S. K. Jain, Dr. Nidhi Sharma, Dr. Rohin Garg


The 2012 Delhi gang rape case that occurred on 16th December at South Delhi, India, when a 23-year‑old female medical intern was gang raped in a private vehicle. The whole of the country protested against it. The matter was taken by fast track court, to give a sense of relief to aggrieved family. But what happened?

Now we daily come across the news that one or the other female (child or adult) is being gang raped. The question arises what actually is the mentality of the accused, are they mentally sick. What is the impetus that stimulates them to do such a heinous crime? Read more. . .


Prof. S. K. Jain