Trial Women: Empower Women

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Acta Medica International,2014,1,1,1-2.
Published:January 2014

Trial Women: Empower Women

Prof. S. K.Jain



It is an established fact that, the two genders are diff erent biologically, and likewise manifestations and progress of diseases diff er accordingly. Taking this into account, both genders must be included in medical research to enable results to be assessed more specifically. Women in most of the studies have been discriminated with regard to their involvement in research. Women who are biologically capable of becoming pregnant have been customarily excluded from formal research procedures. Consequently, little is known about the safety and effi cacy of most drugs, vaccines or devices for such women and this lack of knowledge can be dangerous. A general policy of excluding from such clinical trials women biologically capable of becoming pregnant is unjust in that it deprives women as a class of persons of the benefits of the new knowledge. Read more. . .