I am the Best-Am I?

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Acta Medica International,2016,3,1,11-12.
Published:January 2016

I am the Best-Am I?

Sanjeev Kumar Jain1, Nidhi Sharma2, Rohin Garg3

1Chief Editor, Acta Medica International Journal

2Administrator, Acta Medica International

3Academic Editor Acta Medica International


Available literature of review confirms, Chromosome Segregation Errors (CSE)as the prime cause of pregnancy loss in aging females. Amongst other well known potential causes of pregnancy loss in advanced age (35 yr onwards) Bub1(budding uninhibited by benzimidazole), is proved to be the leading cause. Most common chromosomal segregation error is aneuploidy, during Oogenesis in advancing maternal age. Disturbed functioning of (Spindle Assembly Checkpoint) SAC leads to aneuploidy. The SAC restricts the abnormal drifting of sister chromatids and maintains accurate chromosomal segregation. Bub1 is the very important constituent of the (SAC). The (Bub1) is required for the efficient kinetochore localization. Depletion or absence of Bub1 leads to loss of chromatid cohesion.Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), still suffers from low implantation rates. Failure rate of IVF is approximately 62-65%. To access the implantation rate, (Sakkas and Gardner, 2005), studied the role of various metabolic parameters in this context. Read more. . .