Effectiveness of Benson’s Relaxation Therapy on Reduction of Stress among Primigravid Mothers

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Acta Medica International,2016,3,2,133-140.
Published:September 2016
Type:Original Article

Effectiveness of Benson’s Relaxation Therapy on Reduction of Stress among Primigravid Mothers

Simi Paramban1, Sireesha Bala1, Krishna Sowmya J2, M. V. Raghavendra Rao1, Praveen Kottath Veetil1

1Avalon University School of Medicine, Curacao, Netherland Antilles, 2Burjil Hospital, Abu Dhabi. 


Objectives: The study attempt to assess the effectiveness of Benson’s relaxation therapy on reduction of stress among primigravid mothers attending the outpatient department in a selected hospital at Kannur, with the objectives of evaluating the stress among the primigravid mothers before and after the Benson’s relaxation therapy and to associate the level of stress with selected demographic variables.

Methods: A total of 30 primigravid mothers after third month of gestation were selected for the study. The information regarding background data were collected from the primigravid mothers by self-administered rating scale and the level of hemoglobin status was noted from the health records. Selected primigravid mothers were given pretest questionnaire and Benson’s relaxation therapy was administered to all group members for 20 minutes and instructed to continue this for a period of 15 days. Post-test using rating scale was conducted 15 days after the administration of Benson’s relaxation therapy.

Result: The result of the study shows that the post-test mean stress score was less than the pre-test mean stress score. The obtained mean difference between the pre-test and post-test regarding stress score was statistically significant. Hence research hypothesis “there will be a significant difference in the stress scores before and after Benson’s relaxation therapy among the primigravid mothers” has been retained.

Conclusions: It was inferred that primigravid mothers who practiced Benson’s relaxation therapy had significant decrease in post-test stress score. Also there was significant association with the level of stress and some demographic variables.

Simi Paramban