Surrogacy World’s Perspective – A Review

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Acta Medica International,2015,2,1,138-143.
Published:January 2015
Type:Review Article

Surrogacy World’s Perspective – A Review

Ida Parisi
Lawyer, Parisi Law Firm, Taranto, Italy


Nowadays surrogacy is a process practiced in many countries of the world and spark a deep interest in many couples that consider it as the only way to realize their dream to have a family.This article focuses on the increasingconclusion ofi nternational surrogacy agreements as a consequence of the diff erent countries’ approaches, and aims to provide analysis of the diff erent attitudes shown, specifically, by the Italian, Californian, Indian andEnglish legal system. The article highlights the importance of the protection of human rights of people involved in surrogacy process underlining that,in particularwith regard to the unborn child, it will be the best interest of the child to represent the guiding principle.