Analysis of Psychotropic Drug Sales in India

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Acta Medica International,2016,3,1,122-125.
Published:January 2016
Type:Original Article

Analysis of Psychotropic Drug Sales in India

Gopala Sarma Poduri

Consultant Psychiatrist 501, Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital, Nalgonda # Roads, Malakpet, Hyderabad-500 036, Telangana, India


Objective: To assess the pattern of sales of Psychotropic drugsin India over a period of thirty-six months.

Methods: Psychotropic sales by rupees and units over a thirty-six month period were analysed in relation to estimated patient population and population taking treatment.

Results: There was an increase in per capita sales over the years. Even though there was a progressive increase in sale amount in all drugs, unit-wise there was a continuous decline in Antipsychotics (AP) and Anxiolytics (AA) in final year. Conventional AP though declining, have substantial share in sales. Similarly older AD accounted for substantial sales.

Limitations: Lack of different strengths of various drugs in unitshindered a finer and meaningful analysis.

Conclusions: There was a mismatch between need and use of Psychotropic drugs

Recommended: Analysis of individual drugs unit-wise to get a view of pattern of use in different parts of the country.

Gopala Sarma Poduri