12th June 2014, Dawn Gonzalez Writes

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Acta Medica International,2014,1,2,146-147.
Published:July 2014
Type:Letter to Editor

12th June 2014, Dawn Gonzalez Writes

Dawn Gonzales,

Founder Arachnoiditis Survivor


Every morning is the same. I wake up to the searing pain of being in one position too long. I’m trapped this way, my body paralyzed, until I can painfully begin to straighten my muscles that have been in solid cramps and spasms all night. When will the day come where they don’t straighten anymore? Is today the day? Sometimes I just cry. Sometimes that day in the hospital rushes back to me. I went in to have that beautiful baby girl. I did it natural with my first and was absolutely positive I could with my second. But every doctor I saw literally scared me into having a C-section and an epidural.“They’ll break her shoulders. It will take too long and she will die. You’ll be rushed in for a C-section and having the epidural in place could mean her life or your own.”Still I chose natural. I did it the first time. There’s no doubt I could have done it again. But out of sheer terror, I agreed to the epidural. Read more. . .